What to Expect

The Southern Drifter Music (SDM) Festival is the music lover’s ideal getaway. This festival welcomes music lovers of all kinds—from devoted concert-goers to regional superstars—to a vacation designed specifically for them.

For a tropical take on Nashville’s greatest music, food and fun, look no further than the SDM Festival. With three stages, oceanfront views, and local bars and restaurants that are just a short walk away, festival guests are sure to have a memorable musical experience.

In the heart of sunny paradise Jekyll Island, the SDM Festival will feature live performances by talented singers/songwriters on two different stages. Festival guests who stay at the Westin Hotel can even listen to performances on Friday and Saturday nights from their own balconies as acts will take place in the courtyard of the oceanfront Westin Hotel. When the music acts end each night, there will be more live music to enjoy at local bars and restaurants. All After Hours activities are all a walkable distance from the Westin Hotel.

The SDM Festival will feature more than just music. Guests can indulge in luxurious spa treatments, restorative yoga, competitive golf, mellow singer/songwriter workshops, and more!